Nu50 Tecno Pipe


Is any body using a Tecno pipe on an Nu50? If so is it a good pipe and easy to put on?

I recently put the bx31 on and remover the rollers. Removed the oil tank. My low end sucks ass now. I have not jetted and done nothing about the choke??

Any tips on a new carb?

Re: Nu50 Tecno Pipe

search function is your frriend

techno boss pipe 009.JPG

Re: Nu50 Tecno Pipe

"the starship enterprise" has an nu50 motor and a techno pipe.

sugar! 006.JPG

Re: Nu50 Tecno Pipe

The Starship Enterprise is a worthy steed.

Re: Nu50 Tecno Pipe

as is your noped Steve!

Re: Nu50 Tecno Pipe

randall widhalm /

i used a proma mini pipe and a tecno. proma all the way it has crazy low end and you keep up with trafic

Re: Nu50 Tecno Pipe

Cesar Lizarraga /

Proma mini pipe? I don't think I've seen that one...

Re: Nu50 Tecno Pipe

I just got hooked up with a Hobbit pipe.. I am modding it to fit.. Still not a perfect fit but it will work for damn sure

My manifold is smoking...?

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