Minarelli V1 performance - nada

So after reading different threads for weeks on how to upgrade my stock v1 on my cimatti city bike i decided to give it a shot. However, i didn't see much gain.

Here is what i did:

15.15 dellorto SHA

EV mamba pipe

bored out intake to 15mm

port matched exhaust and intake on cylinder

I have tried running a #62-#68 jets, but i can still not get above 30 mph. I have the 38.8mm cylinder for the 30 mph model, so i am confused as to why i have seen no improvement.

Is there anything blatant that i am missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

oh and i'm also running with a hi-flow air filter

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

whats your gearing?

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

Its 42x10, but i bought an 11. Does it change the bottom end THAT much, because its already pretty goosey?

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

go to 12x42, your burning through your powerband to quickly.

you probably have something else wrong as well, did you check for air leaks?

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

No, but i put brand new gaskets on everything and oiled them up good. Im pretty sure I'm getting good compression. Can i take the front sprocket off without having to disassemble the engine too much?

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

get the engine to idle, and then spray carb cleaner around the base gasket, head gasket, intake gasket, and exhaust gasket. If the engine idle changes, revs higher, lower, or cuts out, then you have an air leak.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

Yes, the sprocket will come off while engine is on the bike. Were you doing plug chops?

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - now won't start

I didn't do any plug chops, but when i took my spark plug out, it was a nice milky brown. Ringring, i will try that next time i get it to start... Had a little problem. I managed to get the 11T on, and i tightened up my chain more that before (about 1/2-3/4 inch play) and i was driving it along WOT for about a quarter mile, when it just died on me. It just sputtered out towards the end, and now i can't even get it to fire at all. I have no idea where to begin. Any thoughts/help would be great?

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

Ya got spark? I had that happen to me when my condenser went kaput.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

nevermind, im a fucking dumbass. I had my fuel valve off. It started up great after i flipped it. After putting on the 11T its about 2-3 mph faster and i haven't noticed to much difference in the bottom end, so I'm probably going to get a 12 toother and report back. thanks guys

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

don't put the z12 you want more bottom end. you'll need clutch springs for sure.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

open up your transfers.

and yes to mo peds clutchs springs... i put a high rpm pipe on my bike (puch boss) and i hit 31 on flats, and i weigh 260. im sure as soon as i get those magical springs and open my transfers ill be sittin pretty until i save up for a kit.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

ed's springs have made me soo happy, you should get 'em.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

A 15.15 is not really that big of a difference from stock. so the difference should not really be dramatic. maybe with a 16 it would be a little more pronounced. My stock cimatti with 10x45 gearing went 30 without issue so the gearing is not the problem. (if you want to change the gearing you can also change the rear sprocket. they can get as low as 32 but that will not change the fact that it is an engine problem.) The set up you have should be breaking 30 except for one variable... the porting.

Porting, if done incorrectly, can hurt performance big time. and it's hard to explain over the internet what the porting should look like without pictures. It's not enough information to just say "it's port matched", you could have opened it up too much where the port meets the cylinder wall or changed the shape to dramatically.

Your set up sounds fine. I dont think your missing anything, the simplest and most probable answer is that the porting is incorrect. Read smitty's guide, get a new cylinder and try again. or dont because really just the carb and pipe should give you a noticeable boost.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

What kind of improvements will i see with Ed's springs? Just better bottom end?

Pizza, i didnt mess with the cylinder wall because i was afraid of screwing up the timing. I just ground down the port openings to match diameters and make it a smoother transition. What size openings should i be looking at making for the transfers. Ive read smitty's guide a couple of times, but its just not descriptive enough for me to get a comfortable idea of what i should be doing. Could you give me a couple of hints please?

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

stiffer springs... holds engagement until higher rpm range... makes non-reinforced clutches go boom.

v1 are peppy stockers. the pipe itself should throw you over 30.

Re: Minarelli V1 performance - nada

Darrell Gabbard /

look you have an air restriction in the plenum runner of the intake in the jug. with out the proper tools and time to do the correct porting work you can mess up the jug real easy so to save some time get a kit and fuck around with the jug while enjoying the ride. now as for the kit this is a 60-65cc with large ports that get you moving over 40mph easy. http://www.ebay.com/itm/MINARELLI-V1-MOPED-AUTISA-BIG-BORE-HI-PER-KIT-BARETTA-MOTRON-AMF-MOTOMARINA-/150826226528?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item231df19360&vxp=mtr

or you can get the polini kit thats easy to install too. these are the 2 idiot proof kits that if something goes wrong you did something incorrect

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