what's up with this av10 kit that nobody uses

Who's tried this?


I was thinking about throwing it on a tame(er) moby with spare av10 parts I've got + an old cashew exhaust. More for quiet & lazy cruising than full on blasting and death defying stunts etc.

Re: what's up with this av10 kit that nobody uses

campeona del mundo /

ooo yeah ive always been a big fan of athena stuff. super well made and really fast! porting looks pretty tame, but I'll bet it rips still. probably gonna last you forever if ya treat it right!

Re: what's up with this av10 kit that nobody uses

cat teets /

I bit the bullet and picked the kit up. Initial quality is very good, on par with malossi or polini kits for the mbk. The long fins are tapered to almost a knife's edge as they get further away from the cylinder. Upon first glance the exhaust port looks to be on par with the malossi 70 in terms of size, slightly smaller. Transfers are very mild and sane. Piston fits a little tighter than any other kit I've tried for mbk platform. Meaty dual ring cast piston. Decent quality gaskets. Very clean and bright nikasil coating. Happy with it.

Pairing this up with a 19mm phbg, 4 petal av10 intake, doppler er3+built in clutch bearing and artek internal rotor ignition, or maybe treats cdi + retarding box. Going to run a cashew exhaust to keep it quiet, if that can get me to 50 i'll leave it alone, otherwise I will adapt a circuit pipe to fit from another platform. The purpose of this build is to maintain the center stand, pedals, and my dignity.

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