Weak Ends NU50 performance pipe?

Does anyone know anything about the Weak Ends NU50 performance pipe? Will it mount directly onto a NC50 without modification?

Re: Weak Ends NU50 performance pipe?

ask "mad mike"

week ends pipe.jpg

Re: Weak Ends NU50 performance pipe?

my pipe was one of the first ones. i had to trim the mounting flange on the left side just a little. also had to notch 1 of the mounting brackets to clear the starter mounting bolt hole. but since then all that's been updated. i did have some rust come through the powder coat i just painted it bbq paint. had a little leak around where the side bleed baffle was welded just a small tack weld took care of that.

the pipe ripped would rev to the moon more mid to top pipe it didn`t come on until about 20mph. i could have fixed that with some better clutch tuning.

the pipe was a awesome pipe made lots of power. set up was nc50 with nx motor dr70 kit untouched just bolted on. vm20 week-ends intake, dio 4reed, 107rear clutch/vario, dio 1500 small springs, 2k contra spring,rivets ground out and welded. didn`t do a lot to the primary vario, ran 55 per gps cruised 45 all day. sold it and the guy blew it up with in 5 miles twice. must have had a crank seal leaking or he tried to to run wfo for too long of a time.

sorry for all this reading but that was my first moped build and my favorite bike just wanted to get into other than hondas. the same guy bought my other honda nu50 also had dr70 kit still running strong 45 all day.

Re: Weak Ends NU50 performance pipe?

shit looks dope.

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