Sachs 70cc kit questions

I live in an extremely hilly neighborhood and I want all the low end/hill climbing power I can get. I don't care about top end. 30 mph is plenty (I have the 30 mph gearing and that's what I'm currently getting with my 505 D setup). I was wondering if the 70cc kit would give me a considerable boost in low end performance. I know about the Sachs clutch issues and I already have the "super" clutch with 3 pads.


Re: Sachs 70cc kit questions

Run the 70 kit with lower gearing. It would tackle the hills and be kind on your clutch.

Re: Sachs 70cc kit questions

May I ask where you got the super clutch?

Re: Sachs 70cc kit questions

I have a european D motor that came stock with a three pad clutch

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