Motobecane AV7 70cc parmakit?

Michael Burke /

Hey All,

I have found a lot of stuff online for setting the timing on my motobecane. It is an AV7 with a 70cc Parmakit stock ignition.

I just want as much info about setting the timing for this engine with the new kit. Can everyone please post as many directions, pictures, and preferably as many videos as possible.

Also any recommendation on what tools I should buy prior?

Re: Motobecane AV7 70cc parmakit?

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Re: Motobecane AV7 70cc parmakit?

M∆®†Y Køk€š /

the buzzetti timing tool(or something similar),feeler gauge(if points) a piston stop and a flywheel puller should be all the tools you need

Re: Motobecane AV7 70cc parmakit?

Get a flywheel puller, feeler gauges, piston stop, torque wrench.

Open the flywheel (Novi nut is lefthand thread)

Use the puller to loosen the cam

Index the points (set cam to points widest open) to 0,35-0,40mm using the points hold down screw.

Set the piston to 1,5mm before top dead center.

Rotate the cam clockwise until the points just start to open

Give the cam a small whack with a screwdriver handle to lock it into position on the crankshaft

Reinstall the flywheel making sure the dimples line up with the divots on the cam

Tight the Novi nut to 36 lbft.

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