Dellorto Sha 15:15

does anyone know of any tutorials with pictures on how to install the Dellorto Sha 15:15 onto a moped?

Re: Dellorto Sha 15:15

uhh, get a shim and an intake that'll work. all you have to do is unscrew the top, slide your throttle cable into the slide, get the choke lever to wiggle back in, bolt it down, and just slide it onto the intake, easy peasy.

Re: Dellorto Sha 15:15

If you're removing a carb to install the new one, just carefully note how everything is attached and re-attach accordingly.

You can kind of see how everything is assembled the pic below. Basically, slide is on the bottom, spring seats on top of the slide, and then the cable goes through the top of the carb into the slot/hole on the slide.

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