Carburetor help.

I'm getting around to buying new sprockets and a new exhaust for my A3 and figure that I am going to need to run more gas to my ped. My current Encarwi is shit anyways. I don't want to get too big of a carb or too little of one either. I also can't go too pricey. Anyone know which carbs give the best bang for the buck?

Also, another question.

Is the Techno Boss the best decision to get the most for top end for the dollar??

Re: Carburetor help.

Cleats Onionpockets /

I can't speak for the carb, though in terms of ease of use the dellorto SHA 14 or 15 is pretty dependable, though not the fanciest you could use.

I've had great luck with the Techno boss. It gives a good boost that kicks in just under 20mph, and after 6+ years of running mine, it's still as solid as the day I bought it.

Re: Carburetor help.

for carb shitttt, a sha would definitely work, but you'll need a new intake. i think there's a way to fit a 14.12 on there with a cheapo intake, but that wouldn't be too much improvement over the encarwi, you'll need the angled top sha, which might be hard to find. i've got a 15.15, but that needed a custom intake, 15.15's prolly your best bet, and mlm makes an intake for that, which you can find on '77, which i'm considering purchasing, however, i'm not sure how it'll fit on an a3 bullet, cuz the intake looks like it'll put the carb wayyy too close to the petcock. as in, on top of. but that's just my guess from looking at the picture. i just started a thread a few hours ago asking about that, but i've had no replies, and couldn't dig up any other success stories. good luck and keep me posted.

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