Bing Clones?

Just interested in hearing people's experiences that got these. I have a score in my current bing that wont allow the float needle to seat properly, and wanted to upgrade anyways. I have a 217 atomizer kicking around, so I'd be able to use the real bing jets with correct atomizer if I got the 15mm clone. Is a real bing worth the extra money? If so, that's fine, just curious to see how people liked them or hated them after buying. Thanks.

Re: Bing Clones?

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I bought/had 15mm clone and though the jet and atomizer/jetting were correct

For my bike (I got lucky) the fit and finish were horrible. the slide would stick

There were casting shavings everywhere I had to clean. I had to be careful with the clamp bolt it felt like it would strip .

I never buy one again .

I would just post for a used 14/15mm bing

Re: Bing Clones?

just be CAREFUL. I forgot to put the oring in the intake and clamped down too tight and now my body is useless....

OEM is way stronger.

Re: Bing Clones?

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Junk + junk = junk.

Re: Bing Clones?

Overpriced Parts /

Confucius say "order shit you get shit"

Re: Bing Clones?

haha alright guys message received, just curious.

Didn't know if it was like cereal. Sure, Apple Jacks are the shit, but the market basket "Apple Dapples" aren't messin' around either....

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