Polini variator worth the dough???

I've got a Vespa Grande with a small pipe on it, I top out around 28-30 and the acceleration suffered when i bolted on my cobra pipe. Would it be worth it to put the Polini variator from treatland.tv on the bike? I've read some good reviews, just wanted to know if an amateur could put this thing on and will it boost my acceleration and top end to make it worthwhile, thanks in advance.

Re: Polini variator worth the dough???

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I don't know much about Vespas, however, putting an aftermarket variator on an almost stock moped isn't going to yield you any performance increase. In fact, it probably would hurt performance more.

Did you tune your carb after installing your pipe? That could be the cause of your issues. Don't throw more money at a problem hoping it would fix it!

Re: Polini variator worth the dough???

yes! it pulls hills and takeoff is so much better. We just put the polini var with 5.5 and 4.0g weights in it paired with a techno circuit and it pulls a decent 20mph up massive hills and tops out at 35mph. all this is on a 25mph as well, so it is a very good improvement. I would say go proma circuit for the exhaust though

Re: Polini variator worth the dough???


Re: Polini variator worth the dough???

There are two Polini variator's for Vespas from Treats. Dont buy the Utah, buy the other one.

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