Morini BRN clutches?

so who's ran one of these BRN morini clutches?

there's a red, black, and a white one... what is the difference? do you still run type f with these? cuz they look alot like a garelli clutch to me...

a friend of mine has a kitted MO1, and it seems to be having clutch issues, it lurches forward while idling off the stand, as if it's engaging simply from idling because it's just that worn out. (that and i do not feel it slipping at ALL) i think the gearing could be stock on it, it's 13 in front and 30 in the rear, with 17" wheels. it's the polini 60cc reed kit with a 16 sha, the pipe is a one-off 8P apparently? anyway, i'm hoping maybe this brn clutch will cure what ails it.

Re: Morini BRN clutches?

Could be a spring broke or slipped off. Have you pulled the clutch to look at it?

Re: Morini BRN clutches?

honestly i think the problem is the springs are just played. when the bike was brought to me it had a 19mm PHBG (with the four stroke guts, ew) on a HUGE intake. way too much carb for that bike. it had a runaway idle like you wouldn't believe. it runs considerably better with a SHA. i have a couple spare MO1s, next time she's over i'm going to try swapping one of those clutches over.

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