Yamaha Carb Help

Need a bigger carb on my QT-50 but cant find any intakes that will fit. Need some help from the Yamaha guys!

Here is my carb


Re: Yamaha Carb Help

You can dremel out your intake as much as possible. Make a shim outa a plastic spray paint can top, plastic food storage container or any thing along those lines to fit a vm18 on the stock intake. This works well for a mild set up. If the bikes kitted you can cut the intake at the base where it mounts to engine.

Then take tubing from old header pipe, handle bars, towel bar( you get the idea) and jb weld that shit up. Make sure your tube selection fits your carb spigot w/ or w/out a shim and will send the carb out of the frame far enough beforehand.

Its best to make sure all surfaces are rough and clean for the jb weld to work good. Some metal strips for reinforcement is how I roll. Stick them in the weld from the base to the tube and clamp it down. When it dries you can add a second coat of weld over the joint and braces for a better look and added strength.

All assuming you don't weld or have access to a welder of course.

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