Review: Samurai G3 Pipe for Peugeot

Hey all, 1977 Mopeds has been selling a couple "Samurai" exhaust pipes for Peugeot 103 and TSM for a while now, a G2 and G3 version. For whatever reason, they do not have a Motobecane version available. As you can tell, though, these are some kind of knockoffs of the actual Ninja G2 and G3 pipes, but at a discount price. I was in the market for a Ninja G3 ($150-$163), but decided to give the cheaper Samurai a shot ($125).

I couldn't find any reviews, so I decided to make my own here, since some of you might be considering this pipe. I have no affiliation with 1977 Mopeds or the manufacturer of this pipe.

As far as performance and fitment, everything is basically the same as the Ninja G3. The quality is a bit lower (particularly the baffle--see video), but not bad really. Overall it seems like a good value

You can see I've kept the pedals and the center stand with this pipe on my TSM. The pedals clear completely. The stand touches the chamber when it's lowered, but just tilts the pipe outward on the ballpoint, which doesn't bother me. The stand does not touch the pipe at all when raised (it looks closer in the video than it really is). Again, fitment issues should be identical to the Ninja G3.

Link to the pipe on 1977 Mopeds here

Below is my full video review (ignore the 4-stroking--ha!)

Re: Review: Samurai G3 Pipe for Peugeot

cool review. what kinda performance are you getting with this setup generally? top speed? how's low end?

Re: Review: Samurai G3 Pipe for Peugeot

Low end is relatively poor, but honestly not much worse than the Simonini circuit I was running. It runs rich down low, but that's mainly due to the SHA carb. Still trying to sort that. Either way, you'll need a good variator to take advantage of the pipe. Mid and top end are awesome. I'm hitting 45 mph easy with the 50cc Gila kit (3rd transfer added to the case), 15.15 carb, Polini reeds, Polini spring, Doppler ER3, and 11:59 stock gearing. With the Simonini circuit (everything else basically the same) I could barely hit 38 mph.

Re: Review: Samurai G3 Pipe for Peugeot

UPDATE 1: I have now been using this pipe for almost 6 months (commuting on my TSM 4-5 days per week) and it's holding up well. It developed a pinhole leak about a half inch below the ballpoint, which I patched with a small dab of JB Weld for now. As I said in the video review, adding some rivets to the baffle was a must for me. And it turned out aluminum rivets couldn't take the abuse (remember these pipes are mounted directly to the swingarm, so they feel every bump in the road). Steel rivets did the trick long term.

UPDATE 2: It not appears that Treatland is now stocking this pipe also. They're calling it the AJNIN G3 pipe (get it?) and they have it in red and silver baffle colors for the same price as 1977 Mopeds which stocks the blue baffle.

Re: Review: Samurai G3 Pipe for Peugeot

Well done sir.

Would love to see a new video after you take 3 balls out of your clutch...

Re: Review: Samurai G3 Pipe for Peugeot

Is the Simi that restrictive? I was hitting 38 GPS'ed on my stock pipe.

Re: Review: Samurai G3 Pipe for Peugeot

@Jake - it's much better now than in the video, even though I had only 3 balls in the clutch then too. Carb was too rich in the low end. Switching from the stock SHA filter to a foam insert, plus drilling holes in the black plastic filter cover (then rejetting accordingly) really allowed it to hit the sweet spot. I am very happy with the overall setup. I think with different gearing I would easily be in the mid-50's, but I don't want the extra lag off the line.

@Charlie - the kit I'm using is the gila 50cc. Although the simonini had nice midrange and not too bad low end, it really ran out of steam at the mid-high rpms. I think the G3 is better suited for this kit, though the simonini would probably be better for stock.

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