I honestly can't believe what a HUGE difference it makes to lighten your clutch, previous set up..


TCCD 70cc kit

K-star high comp head

transfers opened

exhaust port opened and raised 1mm

case matched pretty deep and polished

ports chamfered

Proma GP pipe derestricted (loud as fuck)

Dellorto SHA 16

15mm side shooter intake opened to 16mm

intake port ramped and matched to intake

Hi flow filter

stock two shoe clutch

stock points

stock crank

17-45 gears.


i have decent top speed but needed some get up, so I tried my hand at clutch tuning...

Each shoe was 96 grams, I lightened them each to 70grams, filed the cuts smooth, and reinstalled, I'm using stock two shoe springs 2 full turns in from flush. Before, getting off the line was so slow I didn't even enjoy riding, after the mods I took it for a quick spin, the second I touched the throttle, it revved up higher than heaven, no tach so if I HAD to guess, probably 5500+ rpm before it engages. Though that is insanely beautiful, It revs up to high cause I hit a corner that goes to a steep incline, after slowing down then hitting the hill it slipped the whole way up, and there is NO WAY I could ride it in stop and go city riding, so I backed the screws off half a turn but didn't get a chance to test it out again. Anyway, I didn't believe all the hype about how much bottom end you could gain by lightening, but i believe now, and I'm sticking to it. Here are some pics, I guess you could think of this as kind of a tutorial.



Re: Wow,

Oh yeah one more thing...I also tried using different fluids to help slip before I lightened, I used: Normal ATF, basic. SAE ND 30 motor oil, Slips nice for 5 minutes then sucks when hot. Mobil 1 0W-40, Improvement over nd30, doesn't get laggy after warm up, but still didn't supply much slip.

Re: Wow,

try some kickstart springs and dont tighten them as much...

Re: Wow,

I was planning on going with kick start springs but honestly I don't see or feel a need to, this thing slips beyond belief, I don't see why I would need it to any more.

Re: Wow,

Ed - Dead Possums /

i guess we just need to find a happy medium, it can't slip all the way up the hill right? its got to grab and go at some point.

do you think its necessary to take that much off your shoes though? 26 grams seems like a lot!

Re: Wow,

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

^^^it is a lot.

Did you try any other clutch weights before arriving at 70 grams? I must have taken them off and shaved, put back on, at least 4 times, and I'm not running nearly that light. I went from 95 to 88.

Re: Wow,

I did a hell of a lot of searching, calling people and everything, most everyone lightens to 65 grams...i thought that was a little much, i think 75 would have been better but im loving it as is.

Re: Wow,

the people who lightened to 65 grams (like me) were using 3-shoes?

Re: Wow,

Ed - Dead Possums /

^^^thats what i was thinking..

Re: Wow,

^yea that! 3 shoes start out at like 75 i think... but hey if it works for you then way to go! be prepared for messed up pads though.

Re: Wow,

Nah, they were on 2 shoe. I have the screws 1 1/2 in from flush, after 2 weeks, I'll check it out, I ride 20 miles a day every day, lots of city stop and go traffic, I'll see how they look after 2 weeks if their bad, I'll try 80 grams.

Re: Wow,

Bumping this because it's very helpful for my current project annnd I want updates! Ethan have you make any changes since you've been riding, or wished you left a little more meat?

Re: Wow,

Brad Cat (LSLB) /

96 to 70, that'd a big leap...

Re: Wow,

Ed - Dead Possums /

I'd like to see an update with pics of your clutch dude bro.

I have a similar 70tccd setup, at 75g with orange paz springs, love it!

Plus you should have a brace on that thing!

Re: Wow,

56-ish grams for a 3 shoe segment:

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