Shining her up


So I've got my ped (hobbit) disassembled and I am wanting to clean it. Get it all spiffy. Detail it, so to say.

The case is grody but the paint is all nice. What should I use (carb cleaner, brake cleaner, dish soap, etc..) to polish up the case?

The whole motor is off and still sealed up (excepting the open end of the carb), and I figure I can get the case cleaned but I wonder about all the electricals.

Should I seal them up or will a little soapy water not bother the ends of wires when there's nothing connected?

For the paint of the frame and fender, what's good there? Good ol' car shampoo, I figure.

And finally for the spoke wheels: Toothpaste and toothbrush? Or do I need something a little more abrasive than plastic bristles?

Also, what kind of extra power can I expect after detailing?

Thanks guys for any input.

Re: Shining her up

aluminum foil on your rims.

Re: Shining her up

Use good old gasoline on the engine. Best solvent for oily dirt.

Re: Shining her up

Pics when done? :D

Re: Shining her up

drunken mcfrenzy /

Chris McGauley Wrote:


> Also, what kind of extra power can I expect after

> detailing?


Re: Shining her up

Chris Harrington /

Hey Chris: I would suggest kerosene (or spray engine cleaner) and a toothbrush for the cases. It evaporates much more slowly than gas. Keep it out of the electricals. For the paint, I would use polishing compound on a (soaked with water) rag. Hit all the scratches first and then do an overall polish. Get all the crud out of the nooks and crannies with another toothbrush. After this, use STP "Son of a Gun" to do the final shine. It's a better grade of armor all and is really good for the paint. For the Hobbit stock wheels, a fine grade of steel wool will make the rims and spokes shine as well as they are going to. On any chrome or aluminum (wheel hubs, lower forks, rear fender brackets), use NeverDull. It's a really good non-abrasive cleaner/polish. You could also use the polishing compound on the bare metal areas, but it will be more work than the NeverDull. If you show your bike some love, it will return it with reliability and extra karmic power.

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