Honda express upgrade

Just bought myself a 77 honda express. I bought it from a buddie and he busted the carb. So now im looking to buy some parts from treatland. I plan on getting a new carb, reeds, 70cc kit, and and intake.

WEAK-ENDS honda express NC50 NA50 mikuni VM intake

honda hobbit 70cc DR kit

0.4mm boyesen carbon tech reeds for honda hobbit PA50 NC50 NA50 NU50

and which is the carb. Now has anybody tried this combo? And im also wondering what size jets to run. thanks!

Re: Honda express upgrade

A Dr 70cc will definitely fit with a bit of shimming of the fins: 30% more power.

The following Reed Valve: Boyesen dual stage power reeds "MOD" for pa50, pa50II camino nc50 na50 nu50 will also be needed and will fit: Easy

As for the intake, the following intake adapter, coupled with a Mikuni Vm16 will fit without any major modifications. (a bit of shimming here and there)

You can also keep your stock air filter box.

Garelli VIP polini 19mm shorty PHBG intake

Thus, you can forget about the more expensive Weak-Ends intake:

WEAK-ENDS honda express NC50 NA50 mikuni VM intake

The beauty of the Vm16 model is that it small enough to allow to keep your stock intake, without having to ''raise'' it with a ''filler'' shim or to ''bore'' the intake hole. (they're actually the same width)

It's actually a perfect replacement carb for the Nc50.

This combo will leave a 1cm gap underneath to clear the rear break cable.

But this overall combo is a question of personal choice...budget...and desire to keep it looking stock or not.

Finally, you will need to up-jet in the range 85-95 to achieve full power.

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