what's the best setup for hobbit


new to hobbits, and was wondering that the best setup was to get the most out of it. thanks

Re: what's the best setup for hobbit

If you have a pa50i, "kit it" because you cannot bolt on exhausts to the cylinder without going crazy and auger bit-ing the exhaust port, and even then its small.

If you have a pa50ii a lot of people just like to bolt on a nice exhaust and maybe reeds and are content with the speed from that.

Peter’s Formula: The Buddy Hobbit

Maybe even notch the variator, throw on a new belt, tension it correctly, grease your rollers, etc?


Started with a pa50i and I took the kit route, with a nice exhaust, pa50i carb drilled out, pa50ii gofast goodies (intake + reeds + ramp plate)

Insanely fast, Ill have to gps it but right now I'm breaking in my kit slowly.

Re: what's the best setup for hobbit

William Johnson /

Are you seeking a money is not an issue answer, or you would like performance on a budget? There are alot of different set ups with Hobbits that one can be happy with, but if you want the fastest ped....

Re: what's the best setup for hobbit

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dr kit. proma. carbon or boyseen reeds. pa50i/graham light weights in the pa50ii variator. could notched/window your variator too. bx40 belt from 1977 (not treats... they are different belts)


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