Polini Kit 70cc newbie question: nc50 1981

I’m planning on installing a 70cc Polini kit on my nc50 Express 1981.

$ 160.00

(A nice addition to my COMPLETE restoration project)

I’m not looking into making a Killer machine.

I just need mid range torque, not necessarily pure high speed.

Any hints?

Will the Treatland.Tv ; Polini part number 119.0030 fit?.

When they mention “a bit of filing needed”, what do they mean?

- Clear the transmission plug screw. Ok; easy.

- Anything else?

Will my original cylinder head fit?

I’d like to keep it since it seats the useful thermal choke.

When they mention “drill out the carb” to increase fuel intake; what do they mean?

Does the “Polini piston” still seat the original Honda needle ring?

Will the original muffler accept the increase exhaust air flow?

Anything else?

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