Tomos a3 clutch problems. HELP

Mike Piarowski /

I have a tomos a3 kitted with the treats 70cc alukit on it. but i'm tired of put putting around. long story short i want to do a gila setup on it but i hear i'm gonna blow my clutches up very quickly. How do i fix that problem?!?!?!?!

Re: Tomos a3 clutch problems. HELP

Hey mike off topic,

How was the alukit install? Ive got an tomos i wanna get it for. What else did you do? new intake, reeds, carb, air cleaner? what kind of speed? thinks man

Re: Tomos a3 clutch problems. HELP

scrap the cork.

it won't last.

find the big thread about doing clutches yourself.

my suggestion is that you do some research, then buy chrome leather from mcmaster and epoxy it on there yourself.

then blast while knowing your clutch will now last for a long ass time

Re: Tomos a3 clutch problems. HELP

Mike Piarowski /

It wasn't too bad. I just got intake party pack one. So it came with the intake and the reeds. The only big issues are theres not enough room on the cases for the transfers to seal so i had to get them welded and the intake comes out the side so the pedal didn't clear. And i blew the stock upper rod bearing so i got a rito rod pressed in. I just modded the pedal shaft to clear also. if you wanted a picture i can send you one

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