Is this Polini kit dead ???

See pictures below... The cylinder walls are still smooth even at the spot where the piston seized. The piston area is a little rough, I was thinking maybe cleaning that up with sand paper. The rest of the piston looks and as does the ring.

Just got the Puch Maxi running this after noon and was doing 35-37, not going WOT at all and variating RPMs to help with break in...

I had no air leaks that I knew of. But when I pulled the exhaust off the cylinder the gasket was wrecked. New gasket.

Also to note, I have a "B" cylinder and was sent a "C" piston from '77 mopeds. I probably was only a mile in when it seized.

Is this kit dead or can it be brought back to life??? Thanks.


Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

this puch has also less than 700 miles on the original body. the kit, well its brand new.

I was running 50:1 ratio. Prior to todays seize I had gone 100 miles on the last kit which came with the ped when I bought the bike.


Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

WTF dude like in your last post,2720001 i told you that piston was to big.

Your just going to fail forever with this kit!

Did you even read the links???

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

Ummm, thanks for the nice sketch Wayne.

Look, I just wanted to get it running and I have a "B" piston on order. Many people have said it would be fine running that piston and others no. So I took a chance because I've been itching to ride. Didn't even make it a mile.

Yes I did read everything you sent. Cleaned up the ports and all.

Can you be so kind to tell me what would be best to get the piston smear off the cylinder wall ? I've heard muratic acid.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Yep muratic acid with a qutip.

You did not prep it our sand down the piston.

And the info you got from 1977 was f---ing BS on the piston.

In my book thy %X~%$&^"&*#&^ up sending you a C piston for a B cylinder. (edited)

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

Cylinder looks ok, but I can't tell if that is a deep groove on the left side of the left intake port. Always run the same size or smaller, and make sure the piston slides through with NO snags before running it.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

cylinder is fine, you should repair piston on the lathe, and take it down to whatever a B or A piston is.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

The piston is going to a lathe tomorrow at a shop and I have the "B" on order from treats. I'll clean up the cylinder with the muratic acid and clean up the ports a bit.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

Probably Fred /

Bullpucky I ran a c piston in a used a cylinder before. With a little sanding it ran fine for many miles but I had it jetted good though

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

run a b.

clean your shit up.

run good premix 60:1 or less (depending on which you use).

read about the typical polini problems (exhaust snag etc).

be prepared to avoid shit like this.

patience and you will blast.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Jade did you set your 15mm bing up like i posted in your bing thread?

I gave you all the good links for your set up,

Crazy Wayne Treats Rock's (powerchair) — Jun 09, 2011 05:26PM

If you run a 15mm Bing You need the two notch needle full rich, 86/88 jet 2.22 atomizer, #24 slide.

Bing info,2117054,2120556#msg-2120556,2032707,2121028#msg-2121028

Slide mod,2116363

How not to fail with a Ploini,2111342,2111342#msg-2111342

Polini tips,1989302,page=1


And your timing must be no more than 1.25mm or your just going to smear it forever.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???


I pulled out a 78 main jet. So, I hope to catch Treats before they send off my piston and add it to the order. I couldn't pull the atomizer out as I don't have a socket skinny enough to enter, but looks to be a 5mm socket??

I have a #24 slide that looks to be stock. I've looked at your thread but I'm not sure what I'm looking at or what I'm supposed to do. The slide has a nice big rectangle to it.

and I set my timing according to this video found here on Moped Army

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

Oh, and I have the 4 strip needle, not the 2. I did lower the clip to the bottom of that strip on the needle...

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

wayne, i disagree, I've run between 1.8-2.0mm btdc on my polini for a few thousand miles. I soft seized once because the timing slipped (no points for me), and blew a piston because my exhaust bracket broke and made a big leak at 12k+ rpms. Other than that, 1000s of faithful miles with advanced timing. Just barely broke 400 on my temp gauge once and its always been a straight blaster.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /


The two strip needle, has the strips below the 4 clip notches.

That timing video of Elliot's is from 2008, when everyone was jacking up the timing to far with big kit & pipe setups.

Look up timing 101.

Bordmonger you need to talk with Zack, running 1.8-2.0mm btdc with a points on a puch Polini is just dumb.

This post is just getting dumber & dumber.

Good luck and have a nice smear.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

that thing prob ran when you took it apart.

unless there is some crazy burrs in that cylinder, "cleaning" it up wont make a bit of difference at BTC, TDC, piston took like 90% of the damage and you lucked out.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

Probably Fred /

I ran full advance ( points) once cause I mixed up flywheel rotation (e50 and za50 ) backwards. My polini ran fine for months with no seize until I found the mistake when swapping my rusty flywheel for a minty one. Funny thing those polinis sooo many people have problems with them and I think they're the sturdiest best puch kit made. They take a licking and keep on ticking

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

wayne, this is zack; my polini hasn't had real issues with advanced timing. those issues i have had were unrelated to timing.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Ha ha hi Zack, but you did good prep to your kit like checking the pistons fit and your running CDI right.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

I ran too much advance on my cdi (talked about in a recent thread on polini engine temp comparisons) and never seized.

This is with lots of miles (most riding for longs periods in upper 40s and mid 50s though).

Added a vapor to the mix and saw my engine temp close to 400 at 60mph.

Retarded the timing (lost some speed), engine temps into awesome feel good zones now.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

Thanks sneaky pure. I've been pouring over every link that Wayne has shared and others. I may do that, retard the timing some. I've got the correct main jet on its way along with a spare piston. My problem is that I'm impatient and just want to ride this thing and had assumed that the bike was properly tuned and prepped when I bought it as a custom bike with under 550 miles on the original gear with the polini kit added with less than an hour on it.

In an odd way, I'm glad I've had to dig into it and learn from the failures and doing it myself. Hate the money I've had to put into it though.

Thanks to all.

Re: Is this Polini kit dead ???

Polini is my favorite kit. hands down.

Lot of people fuck theirs up. that is for sure.

Do your homework on this, and then retune your bike correctly.

You will then have a ripper that is built like a tank.

Lots of people shred theirs soo hard everyday and don't think twice about seizing or anything going wrong (I am one of them).

If Wayne told you to look at something, treat it like gold.

Also learn how to tune your carb and do plug checks for all throttle ranges while tuning.

like previously said, good premix oil 60:1 or less (depending on which oil)

just build yourself a check list and go through it.

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