A35 polini 4p jetting range?


I looked through the tuner's spreedsheet and didn't see a lot of these on there.

I have alukit, 19mm phbg, and a tecno circuit (for starters) to start with.

do you imagine I'd be in high 80s low 90s?

Re: A35 polini 4p jetting range?

high 70's low 80's, thats if you can even get your engine to choke down that much air from a 19mm.

I had a 17.5mm phbg that ran like garbage, switched to a 16 SHA with a 73 jet and all was golden.

Re: A35 polini 4p jetting range?

Sneaky Pure /

And upjetting didn't help you? Or did you just not high high enough of a range to use?

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