Re: Phgb tuning wierdness

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

18 X 36 is tall gearing on a E-50, i like 16 for hills 19 flats X45.

Ive done 10 or 12 of these K-Stars builds.

Everything from stock carb cruzers to 11K 19/21mm carb riper setups with 13 ports.

If you replace the ring every 500 mils and small end rod bearing and clips every 1,000 mils on 10+K RPM setups.

You can go 2,000 miles on a piston before the pin and ring land get loose.

Re: Phgb tuning wierdness

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

Thanks for the tips, 16 x 36 seemed to torquey but that was before I got my tuning honed in more. Since then I've noticed I have no very low end power especially starting from a dead stop uphill, I just chalked that up to being the nature of single speed mopeds to be honest.

Any suggestions to be able to estimate mileage with no odometer? Change up the rings each spring and the end rod bearing (what is this? the brass bearing connecting conrod and piston, is my guess) and the clips every other spring?

Re: Phgb tuning wierdness

I have 16x36 on my polini. You are right. If you have to stop in front of a hill just go ahead and cry with this gearing.

However, with a big pipe its nuts. I use a simod and at 35 (when the pipe kicks in) the heavens open up and sky daddy blesses me with ripping blast madness aka. I go really fast.

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