where to get ZA shims

wasn't sure if this would be appropriate for repair forum or performance...

i know Treats has shims, but they seem expensive when i could buy them in higher quantities for slightly more.

I read on some older threads that MSC direct and McMastercarr are good for shims, but when i search their sites, the ID and ODs don't quite match what Treats has listed. different gauges/ thickness all seems to be available via at least MSC

I guess i can measure that crap on my own when I open the case, but i was hoping to have the shims on hand before doing so.

so: what shims will work besides Treats?

Is the ID more important than the OD so everything sits on it's respective shaft/ bearing correctly?

too small of an ID, won't fit. How big of an ID is TOO big (1-2 mm?)

Is a slightly larger/smaller OD a problem? smaller better than larger i would guess, just so the outer diameter doesn't snag on other parts

planning on taking apart the ZA50 on my maxi sport for a clutch flip & to change the pucks, then more extensive work on the magnum MKII.

I am taking my time with this, as there is so much more internally than an e50.

if i have to get the shims from Treats I will, but since i have tentative plans to do several i figured i would ask first. If they are the fail safe standard I will go with them, just wondering who has tried other shims successfully.

Re: where to get ZA shims

i used these in mine, they were the closest size to the stock crankshaft shims they had and they work fine. i recommend finding a machinist parallel also to measure the end float, that with some digital calipers works really well. you could find one for like ten bucks or something.

Re: where to get ZA shims

hmm and unless you split the case and rebuild the crank or something like that you probably shouldn't have to re shim anything as long as you use the same gasket obviously... even when i flipped my clutch the end float stayed the same.

Re: where to get ZA shims

Ask for Madge at the Shimmy Shack. Look at the ZA50 get angry @ 1:07

... So mean & cute.


Re: where to get ZA shims

Matt Havener /

Here's what I ordered:

1 98055A218 METRIC STEEL SHIM - DIN 988, 0.1MM THICK, 16MM ID, 22MM OD 1


1 0 5.00



2 98055A125 METRIC STEEL SHIM - DIN 988, 0.1MM THICK, 12MM ID, 18MM OD 1


1 0 6.33



I measured and stacked em up. I cracked open the cover a week ago after a few months of riding, all the bearings are still nice and smooth.

Re: where to get ZA shims

Hmmm. i know someone who is mean and cute at the same time.

thanks for the specs y'all. everything I've read, and have been told so far has encouraged me to make sure everything is measured and re measured.

time to go buy some goodies for my little machines!

Re: where to get ZA shims

ahh little machines.

i get shimmies from the bearing store, allied bearing in milwaukee.

i'm going to probably order all my bearings this week, i'll let you know how much they end up costing for the whole shebang.

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