How to make a PA50 ii faster w/o kit

Michael Burke /

I have a 1983 PA 50 ii that I restored recently, it is a complete bike and looks amazing zero missing parts. I love the ride and it is already fast with the Proma Exhaust I put on it, i hit a top speed of 39.93mph today riding in 80 degree weather (nothing better). I would like to get another 5mph out of the bike if I can.. i know that using a 50cc stock engine is already almost maxed out at 40mph but is there anything I can do other than a kit?

Any help or pictures/detailed diagrams would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

(want to make my PA50 II faster without a kit.. already have an exhaust)

Re: How to make a PA50 ii faster w/o kit

Christopher Wells /

What kind of carb is on it? More carb might get a little more out of it. Cool thing about the Hondas is that you can directly bolt up come ATV carbs.

You can also try porting the stock cylinder and milling the head a bit or working on the variators (springs, weights, etc) but the variators isn't going to do much for top speed if it does anything at all.

Re: How to make a PA50 ii faster w/o kit

stock carb is fine. open the exhaust a little. milling the head won't help. hondas love low compression. properly notching your variator should get you a few mph.

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