malossi av7 kit questions

i'm thinking of getting the malossi av7 kit from 1977 for my stock 40t. it has a 25mph cylinder and supposedly its a waste of time to port anything other than the 30 mph jug. I want to do a mild build just so it can keep up with traffic and other kitted bikes.

I'm thinking malossi kit, stock head, stock dimoby clutch, stock exhaust, 15.15 sha, stock gearing(not sure what it is but the rear sprocket is smaller than a variated bikes rear sprok)

what do you think? should i just port the 25mph jug and throw a sha on it? or get the kit? I'm not looking to break any records

Re: malossi av7 kit questions

can you use the stock head with this kit?

Re: malossi av7 kit questions

If you just want to be a bit faster with good torque all around you can just use that kit with all your stock parts + SHA and be fine. Porting is great but unless you want to mess with it a lot to get it right with a pretty good chance of losing bottom end. Heard really good things about the 74cc airsal now too just for ease and off the line power.

Re: malossi av7 kit questions

How to properly port a Moby (even a "25mph" jug)

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