Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

I'm no noob. I'm a Motobecane Guy. I'm just new to hobbits.

I recently picked up a PA50ii. I want to do some some shopping for a winter project here.

The weekend sales at 1977 and or treats will hopefully still be happening tomorrow, and hopefully include special order items.


solid, reliabllity, good acceleration, not terribly loud, super fast top speed is not a priority.


My ideas. cylinder kit, reeds, exhaust pipe.

Is drilling out the carb to 13.5 a good idea (wiki article)

What variator mods would be recommended to help reach my objective.

What should I buy? any other pointers?

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

from what i understand the best setup is a dr kit, proma circuit boyesen 2 stage reeds and some 1.5 or 1k clutch springs, 90 jet. you can prolly get all that for under 250 if you order right meow

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

not terribly loud is usually not used in the same sentence as kit and proma.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Come on chris- repack that shit and it's not so bad.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

oh, i've repacked a few times now, it helps for a few weeks, i think i just got used to riding the 50cc hobbit all summer.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

I liked the performance of the 50cc Italikit.

That with the TJT and an exhaust,(proma of course), got me in the 50/50 club, downhill only, tho'.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Proma = fast = loud

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

You already got the right advice: kit (Polini or DR are good cheaper choices), reeds (Boyesen Dual-stage work well for me), Proma pipe. Notch your variator if you want higher top speed, leave it alone if you want a wider powerband with less top speed. Get lighter weights (PA50-1 weights work very well, or drill out your stock weights to 8.5 grams or so) so you stay in the high RPM powerband longer. Don't drill out the carb, it's not necessary.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Cripes, it looks like everyone in New England is getting a hobbit!

Like everyone else said, proma (yeah, pretty loud), Kit (I can only attest to the DR, so that's what I'd recommended), reeds, and pa50-I weights. Your acceleration would also benefit from some new clutch springs. you can get dio springs off ebay for cheap (I've got 1500, they work well for me).

Don't mess with modding your variator if you're not looking for top speed. It can be hit or miss. I kept my variator stock all summer. I topped out at ~40, but my acceleration was insane, and It kept my revs low (reliability).

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Oh yeah, forgot to mention 1,500 clutch springs work quite well with that setup. Can be found cheap on ebay.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

notch yer variator. easy peazy.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

If a guy says he doesn't care about absolute top speed, don't tell him to notch his variator. It can cause mid-range issues, especially when the stock weights start wearing. An unnotched stock with light weights is powerband city.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Tate in Madison /

Those were my exact goals and this is what I came up with.

It has a DR kit, dual stage reeds, 1.5k+ springs, notched variator, PA50 I weights,carb bored out to about 13mm and a Jamaracol circuit exhaust.

If I were to redo it the only thing I would change would be to go with carbon fiber reeds vs the dual stagers.

If noise is an issue then you DO NOT want a Proma circuit. They haul ass but they are LOUD! I have tried swapping baffles to try and quiet it down and it only helped slightly. Most of the noise comes from the sound waves cracking up against the front section of the thin metal of the chamber.

There is no way to quiet it down that I know of and I tried a lot of stuff. The only MILD success I had was wrapping the whole thing in header tape like several layers, laying down a thin layer of fiber glass, then wrapping it again. It ends up looking like shit, as if a mummified cat is taped under your bike but it did lower the volume.

I don't have any exp. with the rev run or L/V or weak ends but I can't imagine they would be as loud as the proma.

I suspect the rev/run might be the best on a quietness level but I can't tell you for sure.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Why not try it stock first, then notch it if you feel need. I've also heard the stories of failed notchings. I know this sounds elementary but, if you do notch, take too little material, not too much.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

I had that pipe back in the day.. I hate it.

There many pipes out there I just thought that was for 50cc cylinder imo.

remember its a vario you can tune it .. to have .. the powerrange.. from take off to wot. dual varios

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

I bought the weak-ends pipe, but it just sits next to the bike, waiting.

Are they loud?

I have Proma's but I don't mind the noise.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

The secret to packing the silencer is, to pack it very lightly (use very little packing, and keep the packing very loose). Cut the sheet to length, and wrap around the center section 1 1/2 times. Too much and too tight= too loud. I get about 30 hours per packing.

The shopping cart is filling up.

Thanks for the input.

DR kit sounds good.

boyesen power reeds.

drill carb to 13-13.5 get some jets.

new belt. (and belt tips? moped shop or NAPA?)

I'll wait to see about any variator changes until later

OK, so cheap performance pipes...

Is the jammy pipe garbage? Improvement on stock?

Perhaps a good fit for my needs? It sure is cheap.

or maybe this one?

I don't want the proma if it's really loud. Thanks everyone.

Re: The shopping cart is filling up.

Re: The shopping cart is filling up.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Seriously...don't waste your time on messing with your carb. Leave it 12mm. There's bikes getting 55mph out of the stock 12mm carb.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

dan, if you decide to go with the dr kit. i've got a brand new one (missing the box) i'll sell you for $105 shipped.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Tate in Madison /

Yeah I didn't mean rev run I meant the EV thing with the different colored cans.

Like i said I am totally talking out of my ass on that pipe being nice as I have never owned one.

What I can tell you is the Proma is not the pipe for you if sound is an issue.

As for the Jamaracol non-circuit little black and gray thing I really liked mine.

It was on a kitted express and I think the reason I liked it so much is because it was better than stock and at the time the only option I had to fit an NC50 express.

Better than stock, yes. Loud, not really. Not a great pipe but its OK.

I have owned a couple different Jamaracol pipes and they are all pretty much the same pipes with different headers.

They are ok. Slightly better than stock and sound like a loud popcorn maker.

And don't get the dual stage reeds.

Get some carbon fiber ones OR if you want to go cheaper just buy a sheet of reed material and cut your own.

My next Hobbit build I am for sure making my own reeds and making the intake bigger and all that.

As for carb boring it isn't necessary but every little bit helps. definitely let me rev a little higher and thats the name of the game in Hobbit town.

If you don't have a spare carb or two probably just go ahead and stay stock. I managed to fuck up a carb before I got it right.

PA50 I carbs are good for this. Pretty much the same carb but with a smaller venturi. They can be had cheap and if you trash it no biggy.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

DR, proma, PA50-1 weights...

with those 3 parts you will have a 45mph bike that destroys hills all day.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Tate in Madison /

Yeah its a damn shame you can't get PA50 I weights anymore.

Or Pa50 II weights for that matter.

I have had to make my own roller caps.

Those are really the only things that get messed up on a well maintained Hobbit.

Also its important to go ahead and do exploratory surgery on your rear pulley. Just clean it up and regrease it and smooth out an nasty edges.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

^^^I'm pretty sure you can get both pa50II and pa50I weights at the Honda dealer, caps too.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Do you know the respective weight of the weights for PA50 and PA50ii?

there seems to be a boatload of aftermarket weights which are not too expensive, but I don't know which ones would most closely resemble PA50 weights.

I think I'm going to try the jammy pipe. It's like $50 with the treats sale.

I'm sure the expensive ones perform better, but I can't deal with the noise, and neither can my neighbors and tenants.

A tad better than stock will be just fine.

The dual stage reeds sound great. Do you think my setup will not have enough pull to really activate the heavier one properly?

Why do you think you would prefer the carbon fiber ones?

Seth, With the treats sale the kit new in box is less than $105 So I think I would prefer to just order everything together from there.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

Tate in Madison /

Well I used to get mine from Handy Bikes which is a Honda dealer I think.

I also checked with this local shop called The Englehart Center and they couldn't get any but they are completely worthless douche bag extraordinaires.

So maybe a go Honda dealership could get them?

If you find a source holler at me.

Re: Help me spend $ on my Hobbit

treats has the moped factory weights in stock.


honda-hobbit-DR-70cc-kit honda hobbit 70cc DR kit

1 $120.00 $120.00

hobbit-jamarcol-pipe honda hobbit "jammy" performance exhaust pipe

1 $60.00 $60.00

hobbit-rollers moped factory - honda hobbit variator rollers

1 $15.00 $15.00

boyesen-hobbit-reeds-CD-0.4mm honda hobbit 0.4mm boyesen carbon tech reeds

1 $22.00 $22.00

DSC-37 clubtaco

1 -$28.21 -$28.21

Subtotal: $188.79

Tax: $0.00

Shipping Cost: $18.23

Grand Total: $207.02


Thanks everyone. I hope the jammy don't suck.

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