Re: Mikuni vs Oko

i've used both on a e50 gila in the past.. my experience echoes ryan, both work but mikuni was better to work with and clearly much better made.

i would love to try a genuine pwk on a 125cc project i have on the backburner.

Re: Mikuni vs Oko

derbeez ryderz /

I have had experience with 2 OKO 24s w/ powerjet. Have yet to have issues except trouble with the clear float. Most clear floats can't handle ethanol gas except for lectrons, but I can't afford to put one of those on a moped.

I thought the OKO was a breeze to tune as well. No need to change out atomizers & slides like on dels. And, you can get extra jets at any motorcycle shop.

Re: Mikuni vs Oko

the clear float bowls are dumb, and should only be used to check your float level, then replaced with a proper metal one.

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