another slight a55 porting question and future!

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hey, so still waiting on some little parts i need, but i was going to ask this while the engine is still apart, should i match my cylinder to the case, the reason i am skeptical is because the "runner area" of the side skirt is inline with the current transfer port area, if i widen it will i be making a mistake in doing so since it wont be in the "runner area" of the side skirt?

Also the divided in the transfer port, should i thin and smooth that out? its currently pretty fat!

also, one more question, i have a metrakit pipe, and am going to be ordering hopefully soon something beefy for a future project, now i was sorta looking to take advantage of both the large transfer port area on my case (the a55) and the monstrous metrakit pipe i got from treats, the header size Inner diameter is just under 30mm at 29.5mm.

I was thinking gila 74 or metra 80 large port, with a 21 dellorto phbg or a mikuni 24tm, i want something with an all around useful powerband, not going for something that's top speed but looking for something that will rip to the 50's and be fun in short bursts.

anyways, thanks :)

Re: another slight a55 porting question and future

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I've noticed the text is to small to read my bad!

Re: another slight a55 porting question and future

Don't mess with the transfers at all. The angles in the transfers should not be disturbed and they already flow much more than you can use. Raise the exhaust port window about 1 mm and square it out than funnel port the exit to fit your pipe. 25mm exhaust is about the largest you will fit to the existing studs in the exhaust port of the cylinder. This should get you blasting close to 50 mph on the flat and is pretty close to your rev limiter in the cdi which should allow you to reach about 52 to 53 mph reaching about 10,500 rpm. A simple bullet pipe shortened 3 to 4 inches will work well. Biturbo will also work will shortened. And this is done with the stock carb. Low mid and high speed is greatly enhanced and with the stock air box as well. I have a 2007 revival that blasts and rips to 50 mph all day long and has 20,000 miles plus using 26x22 drive sprockets.

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