qt 60 intake/reed mods

Just finished a qt 60 ripper. Heres whats done so far, zinger 60cc jug ported/matched w/50 head. Modded tomos biturbo, 19mm arche, boysen reeds, zinger clutch springs, pw 50 gears. It runs awsome hitting 45-48 via speed trap station. But I'm looking for ideas on a intake, its got a 19mm arche rubber hose mounted to the stock intake that is hogged out all the way. I'm making a intake out of the base part of the intake and some pipe thats about 19mm. Whats the best epoxy to bond two parts, jb weld? Also any one mess with a larger reed valve plate/intake from something else? If so what was it from? any case mods ? how did it work out?

Re: qt 60 intake/reed mods

"hitting 45-48 via speed trap station"

my honest-55-on-a-good-day mb5 was clocked at 38mph when i was going an honest 25mph once. those boxes are about as inaccurate as possible, at least when clocking a small motorcycle.

not saying the bike wouldnt be capable of hitting those speeds, but you might wanna GPS it for a more accurate reading. i do not trust those police boxes for a second.

Re: qt 60 intake/reed mods

and yeah JBweld would probably work fine, but for an intake i'd probably find somebody to actually just weld the two pieces together. id imagine even a professional welder would charge like $5 for that. worth it.

Re: qt 60 intake/reed mods

yep, what nash said.

i bought one of these doohickeys which i think could be sandwiched on there and made to work with some countersunk bolts or something. it's been a while since i had my qt60 project, though, so i'm not 100% sure.

Re: qt 60 intake/reed mods

JB weld hey, does it hold up to gas? I can't weld the pipe to the stock part of intake because it' cast, and pipe is steel. My buddys scoot gps's at 42 all the time, and he ran 42 by the trap. Maybe it reads me better because I'm 6"1 and 220 lbs and not in any tuck? Anyways the hopper kicks the scooters ass bad!!!!! HA HA


Re: qt 60 intake/reed mods

Heres the other side. Anyone have a battery box cover for this?


Re: qt 60 intake/reed mods

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