Jet Size? Could This be Right?

mobat50 /

im running

65cc Metrakit

Cases Matched to Cylinder

14mm Bing

Custom High Comp Head 210lbs of Compression

Treats HighFlow

Biturbo Pipe

Carb Needle is on leanest setting, and still runs rich at idle and Down Low

Top Speed Revved out is about 47mph 18/42 gearing.

Im only running a 72 jet, and the plug comes out a light coffee tan.

Its 32 Farenhight Degrees in New York

My buddy is running a 14mm bing 50cc treats kit and proma GP pipe and hes running an 82 jet.

Why Is there such a big diff in jetting.? is it the pipe? or is my bike just stupid idk someone please shed some light on this.

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