Re: benelli g2 carb question

Organ Robbin' /

In my experience the 14.12 carbs have a real hard time getting tight on the stock intake on these bikes. I've never had a problem with other bikes and I know they make shims, but for some reason these things are just slightly smaller than the shims. You really have to crank them down tight to ensure you dont have any leaks. I just wanted to warn you, be careful not to let it leak or you'll sieze or run like shit. Yes puch clutches work, but on most benellis they have a different clutch, its a 3 shoe wierd looking coil spring style thing. I havent found a good puller for that setup but I've taken a couple off in the past, gotta work it off using a 2 or 3 jaw puller, which doesnt even work well but if you replace it with a nicer puch clutch you can tune and it will ride much nicer.

You can convert them to CDI but that might be more money and less performance than you want. Start with a pipe and an upjet, then get a new carb and intake, then get the kit..make sure the parts you buy will still work well with the kit, if you have those plans in the future.

Good luck

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