Re: how got this? In loving memory...David Andrew

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It was last year, I think it happened late 2008. I dont remember the exact date but I got a chance to talk with the other guy involved, James, at the latebirds rally this past year. He was in a wheel chair at the time, but was doing great in his recovery. I personally didnt know Dave nor James very well when I first met them. I went and hung out with them in Hunington Beach, we had a rad time. I got a flat and James let me use his tire off his own bike to ride back up north where my car was at. They showed me a good time and were really cool. Its a shame that bad things happen to good people. They both t-boned an SUV that ran a red light...who didnt even stop cause she didnt have a license. It makes me sad to think that people Dave knew a lot better than me lost him because of it. I only hung out with them one night but I wish it would have lastes longer. I wonder how James is doing. Maybe someone else could give an update. James seemed really happy at the latebirds rally despite all the pain I'm sure he had to suffer.

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