Re: Shopping list for Tomos A3?

leon /

Ok. I done alot of thinking and I've decided that I'm gonna go with the $120 Alukit party pack at TreatLand.

I've decided to reuse my Del 14.12 carb for now since I dont have the cash to buy another carb. Ideally, I'd like to reuse the same intake manifold for the same reason but IDK if thats possible (is it?)... I've also decided to reuse my Bullet pipe.

For now my shopping list looks like this:

From Treatland:

5 random main jets in the 60's

New Gaskets

Poloni 2 petal reed block (Do I really need this? can I get a cheapo reed block? if so, can someone link me to one?)

2 spark plugs (

From 1977 mopeds:

Puch 12mm copper bushing

Is that I need? Can anyone suggest ways to make this cheaper/more beneficial? How well do you speculate this build will run?

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