Re: Shopping list for Tomos A3?

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i would definitely recommend the jcams intake setup. you get a better carburetor that isn't going to get dirty and act funny all the time, you get a better range of tuning capability that really lets you dial in the setup of a 70cc bike, and access to the carb is much much easier, all while retaining pedal function AND getting optimum power capability from the kit.

for the exhaust I think the nicest exhausts for tomos' are the technigas next r. i hated my estoril, the homoet hit pedals big time and i was disappointed with the powerband(or lack thereof). the biturbo/bullet/etc feels thesame as a homoet, real talk. that leaves really only the motomatic / motion left guys for a nice pipe but honestly mototmatic doesn't have an inexpensive pipe for the dollar, and the motion left guys aren't much better. not only that but at least motomatic has dyno proof of their pipe's performance whereas motion left are too good to even tell me any of their calculated lengths or any additional information on their pipe, basically writing them off from any pipe purchases from me in the future.

for a kit, the alukit is great is you already have an A35, because you will be able to use your existing reed block. If you don't have a reed block, because you are originally on a piston port bike, then I would reccomend the airsal kit only because it comes with a set of reeds and a reedblock. Likewise you could just do the alukit and pick up the polini 2 petal reedblock, that is an excellent setup also.

but seriously


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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