Shopping list for Tomos A3?

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I have finally decided to leap in and try kitting my Tomos Bullet a3. The bike is basically completely stock except for the pipe. I have a 14.12 Deltoro carb on it. Since this is my first time kitting an A3 (or any engine for that matter), I would like someone to give me a basic list of EVERYTHING I need to buy to make this work.

If I understand correctly from the "Kitting an A3" guide on the wiki, I can use any PUCH or Tomos kit easily as long as I get the puch bushing (can someone link me to a place where I can get that?).

I would like to reuse my 14.12 Del SHA carb and just increase the size of the main jet, but if it is super reccomemded, I will consider getting a bigger one (do i also need to buy another intake manifold?).

Can someone give me a shopping list of every thing I need? I would like to reuse as many things as possible but still have a fairly improved performance.

A shopping list that is divided into "must buy for the kit to work", "highly recommended", "lowest priority extra".

On a different note, I just withdrew $100 into my paypal so if anyone has the parts to get me started crossing things off the list just send me a message or email!

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