Re: how do you install dual stage reeds?

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boyesens? remove old reeds, put them in the order as described. use loctite on the screws so they don't flap off. not too bad

from treats:

just when you thought you almost had all the pieces of the puzzle - boyesen dual stage reeds for peugeot 103, puch polini 64cc, and tomos reed bikes. These reeds have two layers - one stiffer than the other, so they are able to function as both low end reeds and, gasp, hi end reeds too. What you get, in short, is "the best power increase for your money" according to boyesen. I find it particularly telling that boyesen, the worlds premier reed company, refers to themselves as "the gatekeepers of power", I name I would love to have for myself in my dream world. These reeds offer an immediate noticable increase in power on peugeot 103, tomos, and puch bikes with the polini kit. You will need one set for these set ups. If you are on a puch polini or a peugeot 103 with a 4 petal malossi reed set up you need two sets. You also have to lightly dremel or file down the aluminum cage block for the reeds screws to fit since the boyesen reeds are a lil thicker total than the stock ones. I've tested these on the malossi 4 petal, but not yet the polini one or the other generic brands. prepare for even more low end and mid range, yikes. well worth it.

to assemble the reeds, you ditch everything but the original screws and use all the pieces shown below except one of the reed stops (they have different bolt patterns so only one will work). It is not necessary to use the og reed stops. The thickest reed with square windows goes on the bottom, then the reed with rounded windows, then the reed flap then the reed stop, then pop in the screws. If the reeds don't lie perfectly flat try flipping them over until you get everything perfect o.

thick stiff reed = 0.7mm - other two are 0.3mm

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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