Re: 3 shoe clutch issue

Rob Thomas /

those stock clutch bells are pretty hearty. mine has some scoring. eh, whatever. my scored bell worked better than the so-called "lightened" clutch bell.

I am having the same issue as you, Clayton. only it is very, very intermittent. happens only once in a long ride, but when it happens it's always at a time when I don't want it to.

I have the Paz springs and I spent a lot of time tuning my clutch. I am actually pretty confident in my tuning skills. my clutch is where I want it to be. If it was doing this every other stop, as your post says (is that accurate?), I would totally retune it ... I live in SF and it's all stop and go out where I live. In my case, it is doing it once in a blue moon (per long ride).

I am gonna try changing the fluid and get a new gasket and sealer (been leaking a bit). fluid level has been fine, though. eh, mopeds ...

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