adjusting puch hydraulic forks

Rob Thomas /

so, I have my hydro forks on my Pinto. I used the same headset bearings and races from my old Pinto (when I had the puch inverted forks on there). my old forks were about two inches longer than stock. these tubes are about 1 inch longer. but for some reason, I seem to be getting a slight sense of "correction" in the steering. everyone seems to think it's cause the forks are longer, but I really wonder. I did adjust the location of the bottom triple tree to make it correspond to where that would be on stock forks and it seems to get a little better. Is there a trick to adjusting these forks? also, can we discount the idea that people have that my disc brake rotor and caliper are adding extra weight and this accounts for the slight sense of a "correction" in the steering?

any help is appreciated.

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