New to mopeds, any help in the Bay Area?

leon /

I just got my first moped yesterday. Its a '77 Tomos Bullet with:

Bullet exhaust

14.12 DelToro SHA carb

A3 engine

It is almost all stock. It's top speed is 34mph and I'm happy for now, but eventually I'd like to take it up to 40-45. I've been reading up on wiki and it seems like the best way to do it would be to install a 64cc kit and upjet my current carb (correct me if im wrong or if im just not getting it). Would that get me up to the speed I want?

I know there are guides on how to do this on the wiki but I really dont feel ready to start taking apart my engine (I dont even know how to get it off the bike!). Which brings me to ask this community if there is anyone living near the SF bay area (I live in Palo Alto) who wouldn't mind installing a kit and perhaps doing other stuff for my ped? I would love to watch since I REALLY want to learn the inns-and-outs of my ped but I have no idea what I'm doing.


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