New to tuning, advise? Tomos A3

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I just bought my first ped today, a 1977 Tomos Bullet with an A3 motor. It runs like a champ, except it tops out at 33ish mph (according to the speedo on it). Currently, it is all stock except a bullet exhaust.

I am looking for a way to bring me up to 40mph (45 would be awesome but 40 is good too).

I've been reading up on the wiki and it seems that the most ideal way to do this would be to put a kit on and get a new carb.

However, as I am not yet experienced in moped mechanics, I dont want to have to use a drill to make holes bigger or completely split open/dissect the engine.

Would getting a 50cc kit be a VERY quick and easy install and get me to how fast I want to go? Or would it be better to get a higher-than-50cc kit but not go through the trouble of porting/drilling etc?

Can someone recommend me a good kit?

On the subject of carburators i also have a few questions. I beleive the current Carb is a stock Del. what would be the most "bang-for-buck" way to increase performance on the carb side in lieu with my kit question above?

Sorry for the long post, and eagerly awaiting any advice!

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