motomatic intake for malossi 62 phbg?

mike park /

Will this intake:

work for the Puch Malossi 62 to mount a PHBG Carb?

I know the Malossi intake is square and this is a round hole, but the holes are 38.5 mm apart for both, could use a square intake gasket I guess.

Any experiences with this or other round to square PHBG intake matches?

I know there's a square port intake for phbg but puts the carb in a bad place (esp for ZA50) and limits options for air filters.

I'm getting tired of the 16 SHA for my daily rider...1 jet, no needle suuuucks for any tuning.

I just installed the 4 Petal Malossi Motomatic intake for the Polini...very nice. No need to grind any fins off the head with this setup. Plus the stock malossi intake top piece is pretty flimsy aluminum (cracked one once on AV10 setup).


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