Re: powdercoating with a filecabnet oven

Rob @t ATTN! Burrito /

an idea coming from a food background, the backwall of a line (restaurant equipment/rangesfryers ect) has to be fireproofed with 1" rockwool sheets (cheap) behind stainless. granted you wouldnt need stainless, any metal really and could be bent to shape cheaply by any decent corrougated/sheet metal supplier. this could be attached to as a lining wood frame built to suit, easily hinged door ect. the rockwool is all that's needed meeting PA code between your cookware and a stick build wall, pretty solid insulator. the convection idea is just any fan that has a lower setting keeps an even heat throughout the oven/cabinet, as temps in a regular oven can vary +/- 30 degrees depending on size of the oven, seal & venting. the motor can mount outside the cabinet (other side of rockwool) with only the blades or i'd reccomend the circular hamster wheel style if you can find it. you can still use the elements and thermostats from a regular oven as the guts- hopefully elements under a grate or fence that wont touch it. of course the best would be a cabinet made of brick/ceramic which might even be cheaper. just remember to vent outside your building with a dryer vent, flex automotive exhaust or something similar.

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