Exhaust Kit Question

Zefrench1 /

I have had my '77 Bianchimatic for about a year now and feel like putting in a bit of extra money into my moped before spring gets in. The muffler on currently is the original and is basically just a heavy piece of metal that doesn't really do anything. I tried riding with it off once and saw a 6mph increase, but of course, it was loud as hell.

Anyways, I've been looking at exhaust kits, and was just wondering, does the type of engine greatly affect the kit options? My engine is a Morini, not sure as to which type specifically, as I also wanted to put a 65cc Morini M1 on it eventually. But I notice that most exhaust kits have the same 'connection' to the engine, along with the limiter plate and the two screws. But yeah....

My main question; is there something specific I need to look for when choosing an exhaust kit for my ride? Any recommendations would be great. Thanks.

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