AX31 Peugeot Belt? will it work???

Alright. I know most people are running ax32 belts with their peugeot blasters, but I was wondering if an ax31 belt would work ok.

When the bike/belt is cold, I have a really hard time getting it started. To get it going I have to actually pull up the back end of the pipe to keep tension on the belt and then run start it. I have tried putting more tension on the spring(doppler) , but to get enough tension on the belt to get it to start easily the spring depressed like an inch without any motor swing. And I don't really like that center bolt/rod sticking out the front before the bike even starts to variate. Once the belt is warm and sticky, I can start her up pretty easily. I love how the 32" belt slips a little when I take off, but hate trying to start it when it's cold.

I was wondering if anyone has run the ax31 belt with any success. Should I just try the cardboard trick that the clutchless variator people are using to see if that helps with the 32 belt? even though I have an er3 with clutch function. Any ideas or input would be super awesome. thanks.

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