Re: signs of over-carburation

mit mortso /

yeah that's where i'm at, idle sucks, low end gets crappy when bike warms up (richness) then when i get it moving, it rippps, cant make it 4stroke, i hold the launch lever down. then the motor doesn't want to idle down, it will hold revs with the throttle closed till the wheel is slowed, then it goes back into boggy rich mode. i been all over it for airleaks, as that's an airleak symptom. or just a phantom lean-ness.

those ktms are prolly set up like a korrado motor, huge elephant ear transfers, biggass shit. my buddies came w/ a 18mm.

my peugeot has a pretty big exhaust port now but not big enough to run a 18mm carb.

i got it timed proper now too. gonna go back to 15mm see what happens.

maybe try my 15mm bing on it.

dan- haven't got it yet, should be tomorrow? or next day. i'll shoot you some loot as soon as i see it.

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