Re: variotop vs. er3

you can do some misc machining on the er3 to improve the range. Under cut the moving cheek. That will give you 4 or 5mm more of closure easy maybe more, at least that is what I did to mine, it might make for a little bit of slip though at the beginning range. The better way is probably find a 15mm wide belt that is the correct length and make a machined inner piece to make the whole variator sit a little farther apart like a variotop. But then just a get a variotop, I have the none clutched and clutched version of the variotop, it seems kinda funny all of sudden it's so popular. People used to trash talk it all the time it seemed like, really needs a 15mm wide belt to get the full range out of it though, 13mm like standard A isn't enough width. Any more questions feel free to ask, oh and attached image of simple way to make a clutch pulley adjustable on the engagement.



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