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So Devin over at Motion Left Mopeds had this awesome timing light tool that i guess he got surplus from an old shop.

Basically it has a voltage comparator in it that tells you when the points break even with a condenser in line (if you use just a battery and a light the light will stay on b/c the condenser is still conducting current.

Well i looked at his, ordered up some parts and boxes and test leads etc. and made an initial batch of 12 and these are scattered about to other folks that wanted them, mainly people I know. The cost of parts on these was a bit much and the external connector for test leads was bulky and added cost. I am also using prototype circuit boards which adds cost and makes assembly a bit difficult. These had a bunch of unneeded costs.

Now I am on revision 2 with a different brand voltage comparator, smaller case, and hardwired leads. These still use prototype boards but I can sell the fully assembled box for less ~25 dollars and not feel too bad about all of my labor. I ordered enough supplies to build 50 boxes, I have already built 10 and these are out and about being used. I should have 40 more done soon and I am looking into having a shop sell them for me.

If these 40 go like hot cakes I am going to look into getting some boards screened and possibly integrating more into the board such as the power switch, led, and battery connector to make assembly simpler and less labor intensive. To get boards screened might be a little pricey (more design and layout engineering, less assembly labor) so I really want to see how these go over.

I would expect the batch of 40 by the end of March or sooner and a How-to video on how to use the box.

Points are awesome if you can get them set up how they should be.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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