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My points are eyeballed to around .012". If they are too wide they can bounce at high rpm and if too narrow I guess they could have a spark jump between them but unlikely. Points gap should be the last of your concerns but it is what you set first, then rotate back plate for timing with regard to advance from tdc. Points gap can be used to adjust timing if the backing plate won't do it. Narrowing the gap retards timing and opening the gap advances. Obviously you don't want to get too wide on the gap to correct timing and you prob won't have to because very small differences in point gap make for large changes in timing. A set of points with a worn cam following rub block could very easily cause you to adjust the backing plate to its limit and still not have enough advance. Always have a dab of grease on the leading edge of the rub block to save the block and keep the timing correct. Glad you are all getting this. Why I like the long plug stop method is because piston travel is very slow and so hard to measure at tdc. The piston moves very fast in mid stroke and very slow at tdc and bdc because the crank arm has less 'arm' at tdc and bdc. So when you measure during more arm and then divide x 2 to get tdc it takes vagary out of the slow piston movement at tdc.

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