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Jonathan Smith knows the way. That video is a half truth and he is doin it on a Polini setup no less. And Matt I wouldn't trust another points cam to be the same. After you get done timing the bike put a dab of grease on the points cam on the magneto and rotate the mag in running direction to deposit the grease on the leading edge of the points rubbing block also known as a cam follower. The lubrication will keep wear down and the timing to remain correct as a result for a long time. Point gap while important to keep in a range is less important than having the points open 17 degrees before tdc. After establishing this timing base you can vary it a couple degrees up or more than a couple retarded (maybe for a very high rpm bike) to experiment. The setting that makes for the fastest bike may be the setting that blows a hole in your piston. Watch your plug, mind cylinder temp and develop a feel your your engine before you blow it up. One thing affects another. Like if you are running just little lean and have a retarded spark you may get away with it. Or if you are a bit too much advanced and are running rich the cooler flame of the rich mixture will let your engine survive the too far advanced timing. Getting both right will produce the most power. If you stick with 17 degrees before tdc and and only play with the fuel mixture you will have a durable tune for most situations. A white or light grey plug means the heat is so intense that what would be a color deposit is incinerated off. Plug color is not however the end all. Some very fast tunes can be almost black. Just get real intimate with your bikes feel and you will know what to do

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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