Re: E50 timing

Cigarette cellophane totally works fine. I just had to go through all this too. sip a narrow peice in when they're open, and it helps to use something like tweezers. I use a pair of rad medical tweezers cause they're not bulky like pliers. even if the flywheel is covering the points at the point that they open, they cellophane will still pull out if you're pulling at it from above the points through the open section of the flywheel. Steve's method is a good way to go. I've been using the extending end of digital calipers to get as perfect of a measurement as I can. Takes several times to find the most constant measurement. I'd still rather have a tdc gauge or that buzzetti tool. Oh, and I had to widen my stator plate mounting holes to rotate the plate closer to 1.2mm btdc.

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